Info For Attending Rescues and Shelters

NEXT SUPER DOG ADOPTION DAY AT Clark Farms, RI on Saturday Nov 2nd 2019


Our Goal:

To provide exposure for your dogs and match them with loving families. Over 90% of people want to adopt their next pet, so we invite you to bring your dogs to this inviting environment and also promote your shelters and all your available pets.



  •   All rescues adopting on the day must be Registered in RI or a be RI based Shelter.

  •   Non RI registered Rescues and Shelters can bring dogs for "meet and greets".

  •   Attending rescues must have a RI base or support to deal with any failed adoptions.

  •   Only bring friendly dogs. There will be thousands of people and hundreds of dogs.

  •   Only bring dogs that are dog and people friendly that can cope with large crowds.

  •   All dogs are to be on leash or play pens, not in cages.

  •   Same day adoptions only to pre-screened adopters and at the discretion of each rescue.

  •   Acceptance of the Always Adopt General Adoption Application and subsequent screening.

  •   Submit to me a specific DEM form, with each dog's info no later than 3 days prior to the event.

  •   Attendance at the Volunteer meeting is compulsory for all attending Rescues and Shelters.


What is expected of Your Agency:

•   Provide your own staff, table, chairs and identifying banners.

•   Name Identification for every dog, written on collar.

•   Identifying apparel (scarf, bandana) for each dog from your agency and tee for each of your representatives.

•   Literature and knowledgeable staff regarding the adoption process per your agency.

•   Puppies under 20 weeks and any not fully inoculated: Bring play pens, tarps, piddle pads and hand sanitizer.


What to Expect for your Dogs:

•   The facilities provide plenty of room, with indoor and outdoor areas in case of rain, heat or cold.

•   This will be a family friendly event so please bring ONLY your nice dogs.

•   Most dogs will be on leash, but bring some crates for rest periods.

•   If you cannot bring a handler for each dog we will provide one.

•   We have qualified dog trainers to supervise the doggie interactions and meet and greets.

•   Veterinarians and vet techs will be available all day to help with any medical problems and for health checks.



•   All dogs over 3 months need a rabies certificate. Puppies and adult dogs need age appropriate vaccines.

•   All dogs coming from outside RI need a CVI, if they are being adopted at the event.

•  The CVI (Certificate of Veterinary Inspection) must be issued by the origin State's Department of Agriculture. 

 •  Address it to the Adoption Event location in RI. It must be issued no more than 10 days prior to the event.

 •  If dogs are not being adopted on the day, they do not need a CVI.

 •  RI state veterinarians will be checking paperwork at the event.



  •  Same day adoptions only to pre-screened adopters and at the discretion of each rescue.

  •  RI Registered Category A groups can adopt on the day, to pre-screened adopters.

  •  RI Registered Category B groups, that have completed RI quarantine laws can be adopted on the day.

  •  Out-of-state Category B groups can come for "meet and greets".

  •  They cannot adopt that day, but may do when they return home.


Event Marketing:

• will link to your organization for access to your available dogs and information.

•   30’ x 4’ banner directly on highway and 2000 posters extending through RI and surrounding States.

•   News Channel 12 TV and Channel 10 TV and several live broadcasts on radio.

•   The Providence Journal and several other RI newspaper articles.

•   The added attractions included a pizza truck and a veterinary clinic. 


Massachusetts has a further 48 hour quarantine requirement. You will need to be registered in MA to adopt to an MA resident and you will need to have made prior arrangements with a facility in MA. Alternatively make it clear to attendees that you are not able to adopt to them.

Shelter and rescue sign up is now closed for this november 2019 event. We will open in 2020 for the June 2020 event.

 We will be in touch to discuss your participation in further detail. Email us via Contact Us with any questions.