Meet Louise, You'll really like her!

"Warm, passionate, funny, honest and a real game changer. "  - Everyone who meets her!

Louise Anderson Nicolosi has developed an incredibly successful organization since 2013, that just keeps growing. Over 500 volunteers follow her in this success, drawing over 3,000 people and finding homes for over 350 dogs at each event.

Experienced in appearances on TV, radio and newspapers, Louise is excited to do whatever it takes to give these abandoned dogs exposure to good families.

Press contact for interviews, appearances and press releases please contact our Media consultant Amanda Hillegas at

The driving force behind these events is a dynamo from Great Britain and founder of Always Adopt
— John Howell of the Warwick Beacon

Sunrise with mario hilario >

Mario has very kindly invited us onto his morning TV show on several occasions. Each time Louise brings one of the local attending shelters and showcases one of their adoptable dogs.

articles in the Beacon >

John Howell of the Warwick Beacon is not only a huge supporter of Always Adopt and our quest , but he's also an adopter!

 many articles in the sun >

The sun newspaper have been great supporters since we began with pre-event articles, event photography and follow up happy stories with local adopters.


Articles in The ProJo >

The Providence Journal are regular event attendees and not only feature us in articles but also in their on live videos.

Live Tv coverage at events >

Eyewitness news has often sent their mobile news unit to cover the events and show on their evening news.


radio interviews 

Steve Klamkin very kindly invites us onto his shows with our fabulous sponsors who donate their facilities to host these enormous events.