Let's work together to Create a time when there are
"no more homeless pets"

We have two events every year and have helped rescues and shelters place
over 4,600 of their dogs in the last 7 years

Founded by Louise Anderson Nicolosi, ALWAYS ADOPT is a non-profit organization hosting super-sized pet adoption events in Rhode Island, allowing many rescue groups and shelters to showcase their dogs, so that potential adopters can get to know them in a relaxed, spacious and happy environment. All the dogs are on leash and adopters are encouraged to bring the whole family.

Our goal at ALWAYS ADOPT is to give pets that have been abandoned, exposure to the families that want to adopt and give adopters the chance to meet and interact with their new family member. Thankfully most people want to adopt their next pet. They, like us want to save these beautiful at risk pets and offer them a wonderful, safe home for life.

Louise owns Rhode Island Pet Rehab in Charlestown and is a certified canine rehab practitioner.  Her cohorts are a collection of dedicated animal lovers, dog trainers and veterinary professionals volunteering their time to bring together local rescue organizations, city animal shelters and local businesses to host the dog adoption days.

Dogs are only adopted to pre-screened applicants who pass pretty rigorous questioning and reference checks! We get over 550 applications at each event, all of which are screened by our amazing volunteers. 

We all owe thanks to the participating shelters and rescue organizations as they have already done all the hard work by saving these dear pups. These organizations have taken them into their hearts and nurtured them back to good health. With our extensive screening and their approval we hope to responsibly place them in their forever homes.

Let's help these rescue organizations and the dogs they have saved, let's adopt!