magnificent Training

Bob Midwood: Golden Dog Training          

Wanda Loedts: Golden Dog Training

Several dog trainers very generously volunteer their time at all of our events. The dogs are on leash and mingling with each other,  so we ensure that they are temperament tested and that trainers are on hand working with the dogs, handlers and public throughout the day.

Part of volunteering is compulsory training from the dog trainers before the event.

Adopters, make sure you chat with them with your new pup. They're ready with advice and it's free!

How to bring Your dog Home

1.  Take the dog for a good walk before entering your home, take them for a good 45 min. walk around where you live. This way the dog becomes familiar with the area, and tired for his calm introduction to your home.

2.  Have the dog follow you into the house not lead you in.

3.  Never let the dog run into your home. When a dog just runs into your home and runs from room to room, the dog is taking over your home. The dog is claiming your house as his house.

4.  Set boundaries for the dog in the home. Make the dog earn his right to go into other rooms.


Tips to be a Terrific top dog!

1.  Humans eat first, dogs eat last. In a pack structure, the pack leader eats first.

2. Introduce your new dog to your current dog in neutral territory on a long walk.

3. Keep life nice and quiet for the first couple of weeks. Your new dog has been through a lot and needs to settle with you and his new environment before gradual introductions to family and friends.

4. Keep puppies at home and protected from public areas until they have completed all their inoculations.

5. When arriving home, don’t pay any attention to the dog till the dog is in a calm state.