Our Goal

Our goal is to let you get to know these wonderful dogs in a relaxed, family friendly setting.  All the dogs are on leash so that you can see how great they are with other dogs and amongst people.

This will allow the rescue organizations to see how a family interacts with a particular rescued dog and families can determine which dog fits in well with their lifestyle.

Rescues and shelters

All the dogs come from 15 different rescues and shelters, each with different policies and fees.

Every dog and puppy has been abandoned and nurtured to good health by their respective shelter or rescue.

Aside from the fees to adopt your dog, as determined by each individual agency, there are no admission fees. 

Adoption Applications

Complete the form on the sign up page to get exclusive entry at 10am, and the pick of the pups!

On line sign up will open before each event. Same day adoptions only considered with screened applications.

Those who come at 12pm will be able to begin their adoption process on the day.

here’s a list of what to bring.


Your Personal Dog  

Your own pets will not be allowed to mingle with the rescue dogs in the adoption area. Only bring your dogs if you want them to meet a potential adopted dog. This will happen in a separate area outside. Please wait in the "doggie check in" with your dog and sign in with your details, ID and rabies proof.

Please visit our onsite Trainers and veterinarians.