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Louise Anderson Nicolosi, Top Dog

Alone we can do a great deal but together we can achieve what was thought to be impossible. That is what we have been doing for the last few years. As each year progresses the events get bigger, more dogs are adopted, more volunteers sign up to help and more of you become our pack leaders.

We are all volunteers striving to find the best homes for these deserving dogs and to give families the opportunity to find the best dog for them.

Here are the teams and Pack Leaders that you will be meeting. 

Application Coordinators

Michelle Burdick


Amanda HillEgas Gaccione

Evan Upshall


Lauren Dubreuil


Megan Lessard


Stephanie Demirjian

IMG_4901 copy.jpg

Christine Piermattei


Volunteer Coordinators

Kathy Sugar

mark sugar


Brian Kenny

Sara Colby


Marketing Consultant

Margaret Murphy

Site and set up Coordinator

Nancy Meissner

Parking coordinator

George Cucitrne

Parking Coordinator


John Johansen


Dog Training Team

Wanda Loedts


Veterinary Team



 carpentry/set up

Carpentry/Set Up

Ben Lessard

Dog Welcoming 

Dana Fillipini