how to get in good shape for event day screening

the rescues will start processing your application at the event.

There will be 100s of wonderful rescued dogs and puppies to choose from all day long. Lots of different rescues and shelters bring their dogs to the event to find homes. They will screen you and if successful you will be proud owners of a fabulous new pup. The screening process is complex and may not be completed on event day, but they will finish up chatting to your references very quickly after the event. and let you know if you have been successful. Not only do you have to pass screening but the rescues will decide if you are a good fit for any dog you choose.

What to bring with you:.

Bring the whole family. The rescues will want to see all family members who will be interacting with the new pup.

Bring vet records from ALL vet clinics on each dog owned currently or in the past 5 years. including vaccination records, Heartworm prevention history and annual heartworm testing. For cats, please bring rabies proof (this includes indoor cats…the rabies vaccination is required by law for all dogs and cats!). Bring a letter of recommendation from your veterinarian.

proof that pets have been spayed/neutered via vet records or prior adoption records. 

Bring a purchase history of all heartworm prevention on each dog (current or owned in past 5 years)

Letter from Landlord / home owner (if you are not the home owner) with contact number, plus a pet friendly lease., noting any breed, size or number of pet restrictions.

Contact name and number for 2 unrelated and accessible personal references, or bring them with you to the event.

Make sure all your references ( landlord, personal reference and preferably veterinarian) are contactable on event day as the rescues will need to call them and will not be able to proceed with your application until a later date if they can’t be contacted.

If you have dogs, bring them with you so we can do meet and greets with the dog trainers. bring people with you to hold them outside at “doggie check in” as they cannot go inside the arena.. Bring rabies proof and your id.

Aside from paperwork, you don’t need to bring much! thanks to sufa, one of our wonderful sponsors, all dogs go home with a martingale collar to ensure upmost safety. Dogs are on slip leashes, however, bringing a leash is a great idea (please no retractable leashes!). Benny and Jack is on site with their mobile dog market to provide you with any doggie items you may need!


Yes! We actually encourage (almost require) you to bring your dog with you. With that said, please understand that personal dogs are not allowed inside of our event space. We have a designated “doggie check-in” area at each event which is where you will go before entering. you will need to have someone who can stay with your dog while you are inside, as well a proof of rabies vaccination (paperwork tag, etc.). we absolutely do not allow dogs to be left in cars, so please prepare accordingly. Once you find a potential dog to adopt, our trainers will conduct a meet and greet with your dog to make sure it’s a perfect fit! if you are not able to bring your dog to the event, please note that day of adoption is at the rescues discretion and they may require a meet and greet following the event.

print, complete and Bring the printed application and make copies