General adoption application and information

First 300 Pre-approved Applicants get Exclusive Early Entry at 10am!


This application is only for those planning to come to the event and choose from all the dogs that will be present.

The sooner you complete the adoption application, the more time we have to complete your screening by the event day.

If you see one dog you like, then approach that dog’s rescue to be screened, Do not use this application.

If you are approved by Always Adopt and you change your mind, please let your screener know so we can give your opportunity to another family.



After you complete the Adoption Application you will be contacted for an interview and your references will be called. You will then be made aware of your status and have paperwork to bring to the event. We will also share your information with all the attending rescues.

Pre-screening does not guarantee you to adopt any dog. Each rescue will decide the best fit for you and the dog and some rescues may wish to do a home visit before completing an adoption.

M.A. has extra quarantine regulations, so MA residents will have to wait a couple of days before they can bring their doggie home and pay MA's  boarding fee.



Pre-Application will close at 300 approved families. Those not screened will be able to come from 12pm. and start their adoption application.

Even if you do not apply ahead of time or you missed pre-screening, don’t worry you will still be able to look at all the 100s of dogs and puppies remaining and start your application on the day of the event. The rescues may be able to screen you on the day or will complete the processing of your application shortly after the event. 

Here’s a list of what to bring with you at 12pm if you don’t get pre-screened.