about the events

Dogs: Imagine being part of the most wonderful day for a previously abandoned dog, when he goes home with his new family.

Adopters: Share new family's joy and excitement as they choose their new dog. Then multiply all that by 300 or more!

How: read about the ways in which you can volunteer before and on event day then complete the sign up form.

Required: You will need to be available to attend a compulsory training session and be able to arrive on event day by 8am. Minimum age 12, All those 12-17 sign up and volunteer with an adult.

what happens!

Numbers: There will be over 200 of you volunteering, with over 300 dogs from 15 rescues and over 2,000 members of the public.

Instructions: You will also be receiving very specific guidelines via email.

Early day: Event day mornings are the busiest times.

Afternoons: Your dog may be adopted early on and if so you may wish to leave. If you stay, be sure to make yourself useful, e.g. cleaning out the transport vans etc.

Jobs on Event Day

Dog Handler: 95% of you will be handlers. All the dogs are on leash & are friendly with dogs & people. You're a big part of getting them a new home. 

Greeter: Giving a joyful, informative first impression to thousands of excited. adopters.

General Volunteer: Able to be placed wherever we need you!

Parker: We have over 1,000 cars to park, so your contribution is essential.

Dog Trainer: You may like to assist the professional dog trainers at the event. 

Guard Dogs: Woofing at exits and checking paperwork!

Jobs Before the Event

Poster Distribution: Help us put up 3,000 posters at all sorts of appropriate locations advertising the event. We need 50 volunteers. Let us know how many posters you'd like!

Applicant Screening: We have up to 500 families apply to adopt. We need you to help us call applicants and their references. This requires computer and communication skills. We start screening 4 weeks before the event and it will require a few hours every day. There will be a training session before you begin and you will be assigned a coordinator to help you with all your questions. Join Team Screen! We need 40 screeners!



Volunteer sign up IS NOW closed for the November 3rd event. We will open it again on September 1st