General adoption application and information

On Line Application is now closed. It will open on October 1st 2018, but don't wait to adopt.
See the "dogs" page and adopt Directly from the rescues and shelters now!
You will find info below on what to expect during always adopt application month


When the app opens it is for those planning to come to the event and choose from all the dogs that will be present.

Adopters from MA only: MA has different doggie import rules. Most of the attending rescues and shelters can adopt to MA residents. Please be sure to ask before you fall in love. You’ll receive a map at the event showing them. These dogs may have to be popped into quarantine for an extra 48 hours and will have an added cost. You may not be able to take your dog home on the day and you’ll pick him up two days later.



After you complete the Adoption Application you will be contacted for an interview and your references will be called. You will then be made aware of your status and have paperwork to bring to the event. We will also share your information with all the attending rescues.

Pre-screening does not guarantee you to adopt any dog. Each rescue will decide the best fit for you and the dog and some rescues may wish to do a home visit before completing an adoption.



Bring all your paperwork with you, including a pet friendly lease if applicable.

If there are several applications for the same dog, the rescue will choose the best fit for the dog. If you find a dog you want to adopt remember to ask if there are any other people who have applied to adopt him.

Even if you do not apply ahead of time you will still be able to look at all the dogs and start your application on the day of the event. The rescue will process the application shortly after the event.