General adoption application and information

On Line Application is now closed for November 4th. Come at 1pm and there will be 100s of dogs for you to choose from. See Below for a printed application!

Even if you do not apply ahead of time you will still be able to look at all the dogs and start your application on the day of the event. Then the rescue will process your application shortly after the event. Make copies and bring them with you to the event! This does not entitle you to early entry. Your entry time will be 1pm.


Bring all your paperwork with you, including vet and personal references,  proof of home ownership or pet friendly lease and vaccination records for current or previous pets. 

Bring your dog for meet and greets and someone to hold him as he can't go inside.


If there are several applications for the same dog, that rescue will choose the best fit for the dog. With this in mind, it is a good idea to apply for more than one dog. If you find a dog you want to adopt, remember to ask if there are any other people who have applied to adopt him.